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Bargains - Under $40, Haitian Metal Art at an Attractive Price
Great Gift Ideas, Inexpensive Metal Art

Add a touch of unique Haitian art to your home, for a bargain price. Great gift ideas. All metal art pieces have been hand cut from recycled steel drums, by our own team of talented metal artists.

tree metal hook  Metal Tree Hook - Haitian Metal Art $37.95      

Bird - Haitian metal art   Peace Dove Wall Art - Haitian Steel Drum Art $39.95      

Metal birds wall hook. Haitian metal art  Flock of Birds - Metal Wall Hook - $39.95

Dolphins, Nautical decor, Haiti Metal Art   Dolphins, Metal Wall Art, Nautical Decor $39.95

Haitian metal art bird wall hanging  Dove with Olive Branch - Metal Art of Haiti $25.95 

Metal art bird wall hanging  Bird Metal Wall Hanging- Haitian Steel Drum Metal Art $25.95

Flock of Birds metal wall hanging  Flock of Birds - Metal Wall Hanging $35.95

Metal Wall hanging  Haitian Metal Art Wall Decor - $39.95

  Bird & Leaves Metal Art Wall Hanging - $39.95

Haitian metal art - Birds Peacock Metal Art Wall Decor - Recycled Steel Drum Art $39.95

  All Metal Plant Sticks - Garden Decor

Metal wall hook - Haiti Metal Art All Metal Wall Hooks - Recycled Steel Drum Art

Gecko metal art, Haitian Recycled steel drum  A nice variety of Gecko - Tropical Decor

Dolphin metal wall art - Haiti Metal Art  Dolphin Metal Wall Hanging - Nautical Decor

Haiti Metal Art -  Turtle wall hangng - Metal art  Metal Art Turtle Wall Decor - Haitian Metal Art

Sealife - Metal wall art,  Haiti Metal Art Sea Life - Metal Wall Art

Metal fish wall hanging - Haiti Metal Art  Metal Fish Wall Hanging - Steel Drum Metal Art

Metal wall art, Haitian steel drum art  Nautical Wall Decor - Metal Art

Metal house numbers - Address numbers All Metal House Numbers - Address Numbers

Metal switchplate covers - Light switch covers All Metal Light Switch Covers - A Large Variety of Styles

Metal cross wall decor, Christian metal art  All Metal Crosses - Christian Wall Decor

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