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Decorative Mermaid Art, Metal Wall Art, Designs from Metal Drums, Haitian Steel Drum Metal Art, Metal Wall Decor - Haitian Metal Art
Mermaid Metal Wall Decor, Handcrafted Metal Art of Haiti - Metal sculpture mermaid wall hangings

Haiti Metal Art presents a beautiful selection of decorative metal mermaid wall art. Metal art wall decor, Outdoor metal art, Haitian steel drum metal art. Handcrafted in Haiti from recycled steel drums. All created at our own workshop in Port au Prince, Haiti. 

Appreciation for the amazing hand metalwork on each of these mermaid designs deepens when you consider the time and unusual technique behind the creation of these hand sculptured Haitian metal drum art designs. The extremely talented metal artist in Haiti begins with a crude, recycled 55 gallon oil drum and the simple tools of a common hammer and chisel. A beautiful evolution from a rejected oil drum to a wonderful piece of art.   Pin It

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 Haitian steel drum art - Haiti metal art  Haitian metal art - steel drum

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* For many centuries, mermaids have appeared in folklore and many religions around the world .

* In 1493, Christopher Columbus, was sailing the ocean near Haiti, and reported in his journal the site of three mermaids in the  distance. Upon viewing them up close, he wrote that these sea maidens were “not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men." Scientists believe that Columbus probably saw manatees. 

* There are 3 fishing buddys out having a relaxing day of fishing. Suddenly, they catch a mermaid, who begs them to set her free. She offered to grant them each one wish in exchange for her freedom.

The first guy does not believe her, but says, " If you can grant my wish, then double my IQ". The mermaid grants the wish. Suddenly, he begins quoting Shakespeare flawlessly.

The second guy is amazed and says, "I want you to triple my IQ". The mermaid agrees. Suddenly he starts giving out all sorts of mathematical solutions and answers to physics and chemistry questions that have stumped scientists for years.

The last guy is so amazed by the changes in his friends, that he asks that the mermaid quintuple his IQ. The mermaid says, " I really wish that you would reconsider your request" 

The guy says: "No, I want you to increase my I.Q. by five. Do this, or I won't set you free."

"Please," says the mermaid "You don't know what you're asking. If I do this, it will change your entire view of the universe. Please ask for anything else, a million dollars, a mansion or a yacht".  No matter what the mermaid offered, the man insisted on having his IQ increased by five times. Finally, the mermaid agreed........ And he became a woman.

More Haitian metal mermaid designs can be found at
Haiti Cheri website.

More information on How Haitian steel drum art pieces are made.

What customers are saying.....

Once again you have done an excellent job;) It is beautiful!!!! Packing was phenomenal!!!!!! Thank you so much:)  LL

Beautiful!  Wonderful workmanship.  Thanks :)

This item made a great gift for my mom for Mother's Day!!! PK

Package arrived packed perfectly and looks amazing in my home! Great communication too. I am thrilled!!!!

VERY cool! So wonderful to support an artist from Haiti and see a piece of it in my home. Haiti holds a special place in my heart, and I am grateful for this beautiful reminder.  KT

Unique and beautiful.  JR 


Haiti Metal Art presents a very large selection on mermaid metal wall sculptures. Talented Haitian steel drum artists have fashioned these mermaid art wall hangings from recycled steel oil drums. The hand work is all done with hammer, chisel and a nail.


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