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Handcrafted Metal Wall Decor, Haitian Art, Recycled Steel Drum Art, Handcrafted metal drum art from Haiti, Metal Art, Outdoor Garden Decor

Haiti Metal Art - Recycled steel drums


Unique Home Decor. A huge selection of handcrafted Haitian metal art wall decor- All handcrafted from recycled steel drums

Haitian art is recognized throughout the world, both canvas paintings and decorative steel drum metal art.  For your pleasure, we are happy to offer a wide selection of very fine hand hammered Haitian metal drum art. You will appreciate the talent of our Haitian metal artists in creating these detailed metal wall hangings from a simple, recycled steel, 55 gallon steel oil drum. A unique addition to your home decor.   Pin It   



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For your enjoyment, see more photos of the making of Haitian steel drum art


making steel drum metal art -  - Haiti Metal Art -   

  making steel drum metal art - - Haiti Metal Art -

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UPCYCLING - What is up cycling or upcycling? Taking an item that is used or considered ordinary and making something new, nicer and of more value. This is what we have done with the discarded 55 gallon steel drums that are used in our Haitian metal art wall décor. We have upcycled the steel drums.


View pictures of our experiences with the Haitian earthquake. 

Having lived in Haiti for over 30 years and working in the arts field, we have become acquainted with and work with many of the top metal drum artists in Haiti.  If this is your first encounter with this art form, we would like to introduce you to Haitian metal drum art.  As you look through the photos of the ethnic art and wall decor, we are sure that you will come to appreciate the artistic skill represented by Haitian metal artists.  If you are already familiar with Haitian drum art or are a collector of steel drum art, you will appreciate the decorative designs and metal wall hangings shown, and will want to add something to your art collection.


In the creation of Haitian metal art,  recycled 55 gallon metal oil drums are cleaned, split open and flattened to form a surface to draw the detailed designs.  With common hammer, chisel and a nail, these amazing pieces of Haitian metal art are created.  The results are all in the talent of the steel drum artist.  You will enjoy reading the more detailed information at  About Haitian Metal Art.

Any of the metal wall hangings shown within are sure to be a special focal point of your home , office or garden wall decor, due to the uniqueness and the artistic skill exhibited.  These outstanding Haitian metal sculptures will be appreciated by your friends and acquaintances.

So now,  we invite you to work your way through the various categories of Haitian metal oil drum art that we are presenting. You will find wonderful decorative metal wall art, angel wall hangings, traditional tree of life metal designs, steel drum sun designs, Haitian forkloric metal wall hangings, a large selection of mermaid metal art and much more. Enjoy the unique ethinc art that is presented !

Comments from some of our customers:

I was so impressed with my beautiful 17 x 34 Angel, that I ordered two more pieces (a different Angel and a Mermaid) in the same size to go along a long entry wall in my bedroom.  These are beautiful, very detailed pieces of artwork, that just glisten as the sun hits them.  Even though the pieces are light, the metal is strong and not flimsy like the ones I’ve seen sold locally.  The prices are great and my piece took about 10 days to receive.  I look forward to unpacking, and hanging my two new ones.


The mermaid  arrived and we are delighted.  Character, detail and

workmanship make it something we will continue to enjoy for as long as we
can foresee.  Thank you.  And please pass along our satisfaction to whoever
was involved in making this fine piece of wall sculpture.

I received my order yesterday, just like you said I would. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. The detailed craftsmanship in this piece is outstanding. It is obvious that your company employs a talented group of artisans. I was also impressed with how safely the item was packaged. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.   Thanks so much.  CR    CR

Received the order yesterday, what a joy to unpack. Beautiful art, we might order more. ID 

I want to thank you for your quality work. I ordered a piece from another site at the same time I ordered my first piece from you. The other one I returned because it was made with very flimsy tin - from now on I'm only ordering from you because I can trust your pieces to be beautiful. 

You have the nicest website and the best quality and selection of Haitian Steel Drum Art    KO

Just to let you know the order exceeds my expectations and is beautiful. Thank you.  JM


I received my beautiful art piece.  Thank you!  We love it and will enjoy it in our home.  RM

I had no idea your business was located in Port au Prince when placing my order. I am so glad you are rebuilding and continuing your business there to provide employment. The artwork your company produces is beautiful. I can not wait to receive the wall art and display in my home. It will be a symbol of the hardship your country has experienced and artistic work of the people there. BW

Received art today  Wow !  Love it  Looks perfect over my fireplace.  Thank you.   BB 

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Many thanks for the update, and kind words. The art is really wonderful.  We are happy to support you, and we may even attempt to visit the next time we are in Haiti in June. RH
It arrived today and looks beautiful.  Many thanks.  SG 

Haiti Metal Art is proud to offer fine qualtiy Haitian steel drum art to our customers. The metal art of Haiti is appreciated worldwide. What a wonderful concept, to create metal sculpture art from recycled steel oil drums.

Click to see more pictures of the making of Haitian Steel Drum Art.

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