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Handcrafted metal tree wall decor, Outdoor Metal Wall Art - A large selection of Haitian metal art - Various forms of the tree of life design are very often found in much of the Haitian steel drum art.  We offer to you a wonderful selection of high quality tree of life handcrafted metal wall sculptures. Each has been hand cut from a flattened, recycled steel oil drum in Haiti, by our very talented metal artists.     Pin It

Trees metal wall art - Haitian metal art


The tree of life art has played an cultural and religious significance to people throughout the world. The branches reach into the sky and the roots go deep into the earth. It is a link uniting heaven,  the  earth and the underworld. This symbol sometimes refers to immorality, new life, blessings and fertility.


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Haiti metal art - steel drum art   

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The tree of life is found in many cultures. Beliefs of it's significance is found in Chinese and Japanese cultures, Middle Eastern and European cultures.  In Jewish and Christian beliefs, a tree of life sits at the center of both Heaven and Earth.  It is mentioned throughout the bible, from the books of Genesis to Revelations.

The angel showed me a river filled with the water of life, as clear as crystal. It was flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. Between the street of the city and the river there was a tree of life visible from both sides. It produced 12 kinds of fruit. Each month had its own fruit. The leaves of the tree will heal the nations. Revelations 22:1 - 2

What customers are saying:

Thank you so much! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent. EH

So awesome!!  PN

This arrived just in time- a perfect gift for my best friend!  KM

Hanging in my kitchen. I love it.  PF

Totally amazing piece. they said it would take awhile to arrive, but arrived within 2 weeks. Friendly and responsive seller!  LB

This was a bit of an impulse buy for me, but I'm so glad I clicked that button! The piece is absolutely gorgeous. KG

This was a house warming present and the couple that received it love it! It was shipped and received in a timely manner. I will definitely be getting more of these beautiful metal sculptures in the future. Thanks so much!   JD 

The tree sculpture arrived today and it is wonderful!  EA 

We just want to thank you and tell you how much we are enjoying out Metal art of the "Birds in the Tree". It is beautiful! We enjoy it everyday as it hangs on the wall next to our kitchen table. Friends and family who have visited have been quite impressed as well. We can see that it was done by Elius St. Louis and enjoyed seeing his picture on your website to put a face with our art. Tell him he did a marvelous job and we sincerely appreciate his effort in creating this piece especially for us. We will pray for Elius and the rest of you at Haiti Metal Art. May God bless your work in Haiti and all the workers there.  MS 

We are very, very happy with the "Tree of Life" steel sculpture, which arrived today.
It is even more beautiful than we imagined!  Please send the artist our compliments !

I recently received my Tree of Life wall hanging and we put it up this morning. It is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much and please pass on our gratitude and admiration to the artists. We will cherish this for many years to come! SB

 Just wanted to reply and say that the order arrived and is beautiful.I bought if for my wife for Valentine's Day as she is a big supporter of the Haiti recovery effort.  She loves it and it is hanging in our home.  The "Tree of Life" helps us to remember how interconnected we all are - the birds depend on the trees for food and the trees depend upon the birds to spread the seed.  It reminds us of freedom and how we must all treasure it.  You and your team are in our thoughts and prayers and your art will serve as a constant reminder of our faith and hope for your future. RM

The Tree of Life sculpture arrived and I am so pleased.  It is beautiful. I am amazed how much texture there is. You all did an incredible job.  Thank you and blessings on all. TB


Haitian steel drum metal art is a unique addition to your home decor. The tree of life metal drum art designs that we offer of very high quality. You will be proud to display these Haitian steel drum art wall sculptures in your home or to give as a gift.



Handcrafted metal tree wall decor - Haiti Metal Art



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