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Decorative Metal Crosses - Wholesale - Handcrafted Haitian Art
Haitian Relief Organizations - Purchase in quantity for Haitian relief efforts - Church Groups

Crosses are sold at a reduced price when ordered in bulk

1. These could be given as a thank you gift to donors to the relief efforts of your church or organization.

2. They could be sold in your shop to bring awareness of the need in Haiti.
3. They could be given as gifts to friends and associates to remind them of what beauty can come from this stricken nation.

We have been working in Haiti for over 30 years, employing Haitian artists. It is important that these people continue to have an income to provide the needs of their families. We hope to be able to hire many more metal drum artists as a result of the orders for these crosses. Your purchase will help in supporting these Haitian families. 
Click for pictures and stories of our earthquake experiences.

The crosses are hand cut from recycled steel drums, with hammer and chisel. Much detail work is applied to each design. They are sealed with a rust preventive process. Below are the 12 styles of crosses that we offer. Each style is available in 2 sizes - Approximate 12" X 8" -& 18" x 12" .

Crosses are sold in packages of 6 at a reduced price.       

Click on box below for more information about the various packages.


For questions or additional information, please contact us.


More information on How Haitian metal drum art wall hangings are  made. 


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